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Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco +SDE-BM50M Lathe

Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco +SDE-BM50M Lathe


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Sin IVA incl.

The technologically advanced lathe was designed for both smaller operations and, above all, larger operations. The total power of 60W ensures solid operation and is perfect for any "special task". The lathe can be placed in two positions. The device is also equipped with an automatic overload protection system. You can control the pedaling.

All useful functions at hand. Adjust the speed with the knob and set the rotation intensity from 0 to 50,000. The digital display will accurately show your current speed. The head is extremely strong and does not vibrate. You can change the rotation left and right. To make work easier, connect the pedal and change the control mode with one button. Hold the head in the support. When you won't be using the head for a while, place it on the included silicone holder.

Twist-Lock: easy cutter change. Forget about using wrenches and pins, the TWIST-LOCK handle is a solution that allows you to quickly and easily replace the cutter with a single movement. Turn counterclockwise to unlock, loosen and replace the cutter. Turn right to close the lock and secure the cutter.
Here I would insert a graphic showing the twist lock handle and the cutter replacement process.


  • Smooth regulation of revolutions in the range from 1 to 50000 rpm. It works perfectly at both lower and higher intensity.
  • Twist-Lock handle (easy burr replacement in one motion)
  • Total power of the milling machine: 60W
  • Set includes: milling head, milling base, pedal, head holder, handle, instructions, warranty
  • Automatic overload protection system
  • Brushless motor
  • Can be placed on its side
  • Base weight: 1.6 kg -
  • Base dimensions: 141 x 186 x 97 mm
  • Power supply: 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
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