Collection: Sterilization and disinfection

For any beauty, massage and/or physiotherapy center, it is essential to maintain all work material in optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions. At Belleza24 we put at your disposal the best sterilizers and autoclaves on the market at an affordable price so you can enjoy their benefits.

In our online catalog, you will find all types of sterilizers, both autoclaves and ultrasonic or violet ray sterilizers. In this way we give you the freedom to choose which one best suits the requirements you hope to meet.

We also have disinfectants for skin, surfaces and tools so you can disinfect your hands, feet, etc. of client before performing any type of treatment, or the stretchers, carts and tools in aesthetic treatments.

Take advantage of the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting with one of our sterilizers. Buy yours on our website and you will start to notice the results.