Collection: Lucas

User-friendly, customer-oriented, innovative and flexible: LUKAS – the specialist for abrasive caps and holders for podiatry.
What advantages do our podiatry abrasive caps offer over burs, diamond sandpaper or scalpels?
The abrasive cap surpasses the properties and performance of other podiatry tools in many aspects:

  • The LUKAS podiatry cap is available in different sizes, shapes and degrees of fineness. That way, you can have the exact tool for each application. The LUKAS podiatry cap works quickly and precisely.
  • It allows you to do without the uncomfortable cleaning of the cap that takes up so much time.
  • Thanks to the hygienic disposable use of the caps, germs are not transmitted from one patient to another. This information is associated with feelings of security and well-being for patients.
  • The use of abrasive caps prevents cut injuries.
  • Finally, diabetics feel safe in podiatric treatment with abrasive caps. Problem-free and injury-free treatment is now possible, despite reduced pain and temperature sensation and disturbances in wound healing.