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Disposable cellulose towels 40*80cm, 100 pcs.

Disposable cellulose towels 40*80cm, 100 pcs.


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AIRLAID disposable towels, suitable for professional and home use as a replacement for cotton towels. Due to their dense and strong structure they provide maximum absorption.

Composition: 100% cellulose

Size: 40x80cm

Weight: 50 gsm

Packaging: 100 pcs.

How and when can you use disposable towels?

One of the ways to protect yourself, your health, acquaintances and strangers, as well as people receiving any type of service is to use various disinfectants and disposable products.
We will introduce you to disposable towels and inform you about their use.

✅ Hairdresser.
Disposable towels are used to dry hair and small areas of the body in hair salons and barbershops.

✅ Aesthetics.
Disposable beauty towels have various uses such as: manicure, pedicure, massages, beauty treatments, etc.

✅ Veterinary centers.
Disposable towels are used in veterinary clinics to wash cats, dogs and other animals.

✅ Sport.
They are easy to wipe off sweat and can be used in any sports activities such as running, gym, ballroom dancing, cycling, etc. It is a great alternative to replace your traditional towel.

✅ Cleaning.
For home or any other cleaning.
It can be used to clean dust, for construction site cleaning, to clean the car dashboard, etc.

✅ Spa centers, bathrooms or showers.
Good replacement for a normal towel.

✅ Industries or companies.
It can be used in mechanical workshops, construction, factories of different types, etc.

✅ They are also used in guest houses and pensions.

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