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Microfiber towel 40*80 cm

Microfiber towel 40*80 cm


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Ultra-compact microfiber technical towel for sports and outdoor activities, very soft, pleasant to the touch and hardly takes up space. It is ideal for the gym, the pool, traveling, mountaineering, spas, physiotherapists, masseuses, tennis, golf, horse riding, nautical or any other activity.

In terms of hygiene and compared to conventional towels, they dry very quickly and do not retain moisture, which prevents the appearance of fungi and bacteria. For greater hygiene they can even be washed at high temperatures.

The advantages of microfiber are the following:

  • Great cleaning capacity.
  • Great absorption capacity (twice that of cotton).
  • Less consumption of cleaning agents.
  • They do not leave lint or threads.
  • Great resistance to frequent washing, they do not shrink, they do not deform, they do not lose properties, they only wear out with daily use. They last a long time.
  • They can be washed at temperatures up to 95º (depending on brands), which makes them extraordinarily hygienic.
  • They absorb more dirt with each pass and require less frequent rinsing.

  • Size: 40x80cm
  • White color
  • Packing: 1 pc.
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