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Coarse abrasive thermo cap 13 mm, 10 pcs.

Coarse abrasive thermo cap 13 mm, 10 pcs.


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Extra soft protection with color change technology.

Color change technology warns in time about the danger of overheating of the skin through a 2-step color change. The user can react immediately by reducing the pressure, changing the work area or briefly interrupting the treatment. For the patient, the treatment is very pleasant, without tingling or pain. The risk of causing skin damage from overheating is practically impossible.

  • Packing: 10 pcs.
  • Brand: Lukas


  • Faster and more effective treatment. Compared to conventional abrasive caps and instruments, SK THERMO caps guarantee a more thorough and at the same time gentler treatment.
  • More release capacity without changing the cap. The non-stick effect prevents the retention of skin residue on the surface of the cap. This allows large amounts of calluses to be removed with just one cap.
  • Sustainable and tolerable for patients and the environment. The use of natural dyes, phenol- and formaldehyde-free resin, and organic cotton in the manufacturing of our caps causes less skin irritation and less damage to the environment.
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