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Recliner chair

Recliner chair


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The aesthetic armchair with its design of simple lines and great quality finishes is perfect for any decoration.
It is adjustable in height and the backrest is reclining. Its metal structure integrates footrest with non-slip rubber. It has a large round base for excellent firmness.

  • 130º Hydraulic reclining.
  • Width from arm to arm: 57 cm.
  • Chair head width: 19 cm.
  • Removable head with one position.
  • White color
  • Backrest 51*41 cm.
  • Head height: 13 cm.
  • Distance between backrest and headrest 14 cm.
  • Weight: 32.5kg.
  • Dimensions: 54 - 68.5 * 51cm.
  • Colors: white, black.

Delivery time 10 business days!

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