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Electric pedicure chair

Electric pedicure chair


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A modern, electrically adjustable pedicure chair that ensures comfort during treatment not only for clients, but also for the people performing the treatment.
Quiet electric motors for quick and convenient seat adjustment.
The chair has a contoured and very comfortable seat, is durable and very stable.
Thanks to the raised armrests, it is easier for the client to take up space in the chair.
A wide range of electrical up and down adjustment allows individual adjustment of the chair height to the height of the person performing the treatment.
  • High-quality eco-leather upholstery.
  • Modern design and functionality in one.
  • White color
Technical data:
  • min height 60 cm
  • maximum height 98 cm with cot 118 cm
  • seat width 55cm
  • seat length 50cm,
  • backrest width 53 cm
  • backrest length 56cm
  • headrest width 30cm
  • headrest length 28cm

Delivery time: 7 - 10 business days!

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