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Electric beauty chair with 3 motors

Electric beauty chair with 3 motors


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The electric beauty chair is equipped with 3 motors controlled by a wired remote control. The ease of use and adjustment to individual needs make it much easier to perform various treatments.

Using an intuitive remote control, the chair can be smoothly adjusted in three planes: height, backrest inclination and footrest. The seat height is adjustable from 65 cm to 84 cm.

The armrests are movable 180º, which makes it easier to sit in the chair and provides comfortable access to the person performing the procedure. If necessary, they can be dismantled easily and quickly.

The armchair is filled with foam of the appropriate hardness and upholstered with pleasant-to-the-touch leatherette in gray tones. Thanks to the use of a material that is easy to keep clean and resistant to selected disinfectants, the equipment is comfortable to use, resistant to humidity and easy to clean. A solid base made of durable material in shades of gray ensures stability during treatments.

  • weight: 80kg
  • Adjustable height: 65 - 82 cm
  • length 207cm
  • width 63cm
  • width with armrests 80 cm.

Delivery time: 10 business days!

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