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Callus scraper file replacements, 50 pcs.

Callus scraper file replacements, 50 pcs.


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Pollié callus scraper pedicure file replacements to be used together with the Metallic Callus Scraper Handle: ref. 06709 . On one side is the file and on the other an adhesive to easily place it on the metal callus scraper handle. Convenient to use that you can discard after each service. Thanks to its grain, it allows you to soften hardness or calluses effortlessly. Specially designed for professional use, they are disposable and guarantee perfect hygiene in each service.

  • Available grains:
    • 80 grit, coarse
    • 180 grit, fine
  • Measurements: 10*3cm
  • Packaging: 50 pcs.
  • Brand: Pollie
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