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blackhead remover

blackhead remover


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Dedicated solution to extract comedones or blackheads effectively.

When caring for and removing blackheads from the face, we must take special care with the products we use. We must always use quality and verified tools to be able to be used safely on the skin. Eurostil brand blackhead remover is a fantastic tool with which we can eliminate those comedones or blackheads that appear on the skin of the face. This chrome blackhead remover has been specially made to come into contact with the skin without causing any skin conditions.

What is it indicated for?

It is indicated for the correct extraction of both comedones and blackheads.

How is it used?

We will use it on the previously washed and dried face.


It is advisable that we use it on a face that has previously been removed from makeup and washed. Always make sure that your hands are well washed before starting to remove blackheads or comedones, as this could cause some type of skin infection. We recommend that you store it in a cool, dry environment, always out of the reach of children.

  • Chromed steel.
  • Contains: 1 pc.
  • Brand: Eurostil
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