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Levissime eyelash neutralizer

Levissime eyelash neutralizer


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Sin IVA incl.

Neutralizing cream. Seals the hair structure. Cream texture, avoids drips.

Allows you to curl your natural eyelash. The effect of length and curvature is achieved as if applying a mascara, with the advantage of being longer lasting.

  • Packaging: 15 ml (approx. 30 services)

After removing LASH PERM GEL, spread LASH PERM NEUTRALIZER, covering the eyelashes very well.
Exposure time: 8min. Remove excess product with a tissue and the roller/mold with water.
Warnings: avoid all contact with eyes. Immediately rinse your eyes if the product comes into contact with them. Contains hydrogen peroxide. Use appropriate gloves. Follow the instructions for use.
Keep in a cool place.
For professional use only.

Brand: Levissime

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