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T-17 hydrodermabrasion machine

T-17 hydrodermabrasion machine


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The Т-17 hydrodermabrasion machine is a compact novelty with unlimited possibilities. The innovative machine model works in three directions at once:

  • hydrodermabrasion of the skin;
  • diamond hydrodermabrasion;
  • vacuum therapy.

The synergy of the three effective techniques provides a comprehensive approach to eliminate aesthetic skin problems and age-related skin problems, without scalpel, injections, pain and complications.

In one procedure, the skin is actively moisturized and saturated with nutrients, gently polished and thoroughly cleansed. Complex impacts are characterized by a wide range of positive effects:

  • Removal of dead cells from the epidermis.
  • Smoothing the surface and equalizing skin color.
  • Deep cleaning of the pores.
  • Elimination of comedones.
  • Stimulation of delicate tissues.
  • Activation of local blood circulation, lymphatic flow and metabolism processes.
  • Increased tone of facial muscles, skin and tissue.
  • Neutralizing the negative effects of stress and eliminating muscle tension.

Machine functions

hydrodermabrasion with microdermabrasion

Objective of hydrodermabrasion with microdermabrasion

deep skin cleansing;

elimination of skin hyperkeratinization;

additional skin hydration

Liquid consumption


Maximum vacuum pressure

36-42 cmHg

Network parameters

Power grid parameters


Energy consumption

45V or less


Protection class


Overall dimensions

Machine dimensions (width*depth*height)


Net weight)


Dimensions after packaging (box)

520mm *370mm *380mm

Gross weight)


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