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T-21 carboxytherapy machine

T-21 carboxytherapy machine


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Needle-free carboxytherapy machine is a high-tech machine that implements the transdermal CO2 injection method. The patented design of the manipulator allows carbon dioxide to be delivered directly to the dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Eliminates any skin injury and the risk of complications. At present, the needle-free carboxytherapy machine is the only alternative to "gas injections".

The new device is designed for professional use for the transdermal introduction of CO2 into the tissues of the face and body without injections and without the application of tissue masks.

  • Deep and thorough cleaning
  • Improvement of natural skin functions
  • Effective rejuvenation of face and body tissues
  • Correction of cosmetological defects
  • skin treatment

Pure carbon dioxide has useful biological properties for the human body. In acceptable quantities it has a positive effect on tissues:

  • Improves blood circulation and the flow of T-lymphocytes to lesions
  • Normalizes tissue nutrition and oxygen transport
  • Accelerates the elimination of toxins and metabolic products
  • Eliminates tissue hypoxia
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism.

Indications for the needle-free carboxytherapy machine

Transdermal CO2 intake provides a complex solution to cosmetological problems, helps eliminate visible aesthetic defects and their causes.


  • Thickening, hardening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis
  • Peeling
  • Dysfunction of sebaceous and sweat glands
  • Comedones
  • Acne and post-acne
  • Uneven skin texture and color
  • Wrinkles
  • Flaccidity
  • Edema
  • Stressed, discolored and tired facial and body skin
  • local fat deposits
  • Cellulitis
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Inflammations of different etiologies
  • Redness, irritation and skin rashes
  • Hair loss, baldness, dandruff.

Machine functions

needle-free carboxytherapy (non-invasive);


Frequency of mechanical vibrations generated by the manipulator

up to 50Hz

Network parameters

Power grid parameters

220-240V/50Hz; 100-120V/60Hz

Energy consumption

45V or less


Protection class


Overall dimensions

Machine dimensions (width*depth*height)


Overall dimensions (gross)


Net weight)


Gross weight)


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