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T-15 bio facial lifting machine

T-15 bio facial lifting machine


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Bio face lifting machine refers to an effective and affordable way to rejuvenate the skin of the face and body under the influence of electrical impulses with low current power. The main advantage of this type of biostimulation is gentle and deep work on the dermis, epidermis, subcutaneous tissue and muscle fibers to normalize metabolism and restore cells.

The machine is equipped with two manipulators with removable electrode caps, caps for muscle relaxation and treatment of the area around the lips and eyes, and special conductive gloves.

Microcurrents can be used in 4 preset modes that are selected using marked buttons:

  • Р1 - reprogramming of mimic muscles
  • Р2 - microionophoresis (ion mesotherapy)
  • P3 - rhytidectomy of the face and neck (can also be used on the body)
  • Р4- lymphatic drainage (superficial, deep) (can also be used on the body)

It can effectively solve the following cosmetological problems:

  • normalization of blood circulation, lymphatic flow, functions of sebaceous glands
  • reduced skin pigmentation
  • elimination of fat deposits and cellulite
  • muscle stretch
  • wrinkle removal
  • improvement of skin condition with open pores
  • removal of swelling
  • removal of stretch marks
  • improvement of complexion color
  • removal of dark circles (under the eyes)
  • scar tissue smoothing
  • removal of acne, rash, comedones.

Device functions

microcurrent therapy

Number of operating modes

4 modes

Operating modes of the bio facial lifting machine

reprogramming of mimic muscles,


face, neck and body lifting,

lymphatic drainage



Shape of exposure pulses

triangular bipolar

Frequency of exposure pulses


Network parameters

Power grid parameters

220-240V/50Hz; 100-120V/60Hz

Energy consumption



Protection class


Overall dimensions

Appliance dimensions (width*depth*height)


Overall dimensions (gross)


Net weight)


Gross weight)


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