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LED lamp for eyelashes and makeup

LED lamp for eyelashes and makeup


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The POLLUKS II professional lamp is a product made of very light and durable aluminum. Thanks to the use of 192 LEDs, we achieve balanced lighting without color fading or unwanted heat emissions near daylight. It has two heads placed on flexible arms. This design guarantees uniform illumination with cold light, thus eliminating the resulting shadows.
The POLLUKS II lamp is the best tool for professionals specialized in makeup, eyelashes, hairdressing, tattoos, etc.
Technical data:
- SMD LED light
- Light power 800lm
- Light color 5800k
- CRI >80
- Power 28W
- Input voltage 12V 2.5A
- 5 Levels of light intensity (touch)
- Lifespan up to 50,000 hours.
- Net weight 2kg
- Tripod adjustment 70cm - 160cm
The set includes:
- Two-arm LED lamp
- Four-arm tripod
- Power supply
- Package dimensions 72x19x11cm
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