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For professional use only!Among the ingredients in the composition of Lami Lashes there is both keratin, the components necessary for the formation of keratin – vitamin E and vitamin A. During the treatment the eyelashes are filled with the components and necessary minerals, the eyelashes are lengthened thanks to the fact that the tips of the eyelashes gain thickness. The basis of the nourishing materials – keratin, which fills the cracks, giving the eyelashes softness, shine and volume. The eyelashes recover their natural curve, color intensity and a well-groomed appearance. After this treatment the eyelashes continue to grow and strengthen, they become stronger and denser. Unlike extensions, in most cases, the treatment does not have any side effects. Eyelashes do not lose shape or flatten while you sleep. They do not cause a feeling of weight or discomfort. The effect is maintained from 1 and a half to 2 and a half months, depending on the growth of the eyelashes of each particular client. Any type of allergic reaction or irritation is ruled out. There are no restrictions on the use of makeup or makeup remover products. You can enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, salt water baths or sun baths even in regions with high levels of solar radiation. Unlike perming and coloring, in this treatment special attention is paid to the application of nourishing and repairing components. Lami Lashes eyelash lamination – is an improved formula of perm, a treatment and an alternative to eyelash extensions. Consists of:✓ Vitamin A and E,✓ proteins,✓ keratin,✓ silk.Contains 12 treatments:Lami Lashes Nr 1. LIFT - 5 ml;Lami Lashes Nr. 2. FIXER - 5 ml;Lami Lashes Nr. 3. 3D FILLER - 5 ml;Lami Lashes Nr. 4. KERATIN GEL - 5 ml;Lami Lashes Glue - 1 tube 5 ml; Silicone molds: sizes S, M, M1, M2, L - 1 pair of each. Shelf life 1 year. Shelf life is 24 hours after opening. Made in EU

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