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Restore 4+1 needle-free carboxytherapy kit

Restore 4+1 needle-free carboxytherapy kit


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The kit includes active ingredient hardware capsules and gels, specifically designed for complex skin healing. In contact with each other on the surface of the skin, the components trigger the active generation of carbon dioxide. The drug foams, providing a soft atraumatic peeling with a massage effect.

Professional facial protection against premature aging

Carboxytherapy is a procedure to activate the skin's hidden reserves. To increase blood circulation and start active cell regeneration, it is necessary to create the "oxygen starvation" effect through excess carbon dioxide.

Studies have shown that non-invasive carboxytherapy with a special barrier gel is no less effective than "traditional" carboxytherapy with subcutaneous injections. If you use the Restore hardware cosmetics set, you will get even more effect due to the unique composition of the procedure gel. For this reason, more and more clients of beauticians prefer to book a non-invasive carboxytherapy session: the result is evident, and there is no pain!

Carbon dioxide for skin and body health: indications for use.

Capsules and gels are specifically designed to solve aesthetic problems:

  • deep rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body;
  • increased overall skin tone;
  • non-surgical facelift;
  • treatment of chronic edema, swelling of the face;
  • elimination of dark circles, "bruises" under the eyes;
  • reduction of localized fat deposits on the face

A beautiful face, without injections or wounds.

A set of professional carboxytherapy cosmetics does not require subcutaneous injections. The gel and capsule preparation is applied to the skin without injections. This approach "discovered" carboxytherapy for delicate areas of the skin. With the help of the Restore cosmetic set, you can perform carboxytherapy even on the most sensitive places:

  • the area around the eyes;
  • sensitive skin around the mouth;
  • neckline, etc.

Compatibility with other procedures - 100%

The European professional cosmetics brand AlviPrague develops products always taking into account compatibility with possible future treatments. According to the same rules, a set of carboxytherapy cosmetics was created.

Hypoallergenic gel does not leave marks on the surface of the skin, all excipients penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis. After applying the gel and completing the procedures with a set of professional cosmetics, you can continue the treatment on other devices.

Attention! The reaction to the procedure with a set of professional cosmetics is individual and depends on the degree of skin sensitivity. The maximum expected reaction to the gel and foam is slight tingling and redness, which completely disappear shortly after the procedure.

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