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Bright AHA 4+1 needle-free carboxytherapy kit

Bright AHA 4+1 needle-free carboxytherapy kit


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A carboxytherapy cosmetic set for effective and pleasant treatments

For carboxytherapy sessions it is necessary to purchase professional preparations. We offer a series of cosmetics for carboxytherapy devices, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of the procedures.

How do cosmetics work?

The shiny gel is used to work in carboxytherapy devices. The composition of procedural cosmetics includes active ingredients that provide the following effects:

  • under the action of the apparatus, the reaction of the tablet and gel is enhanced, carbon dioxide is released;
  • gel foams, a protective film is created that prevents the evaporation of carbon dioxide;
  • CO2 penetrates the cells of the epidermis, improving blood circulation and accelerating cell regeneration processes.

Likewise, the cosmetic set contains components that help hydrate and nourish the skin. You can buy a set of five pieces and get a good discount.

What substances are included in Bright set treatment preparations?

The set of cosmetics for carboxytherapy devices includes the following components:

  • Fruit and lactic acid. Promotes effective peeling during carboxytherapy, exfoliates dead cells, eliminates impurities;
  • Glycerin to soften the skin;
  • Aloe extract. Promotes hydration, prevents the appearance of irritations during carboxytherapy;
  • Vitamins. For greater nutrition of the epidermis and the elimination of signs of aging.

The complete composition of the gel can be found in the information on the kit packaging or consult with our managers.

What are the advantages of AlviPrague professional products?

Carboxytherapy treatments were developed by scientists in our laboratory. The gels have passed all the necessary tests that confirm the effectiveness and safety of use. Our carboxytherapy set is ideal for working with AlviPrague equipment. Of the advantages of cosmetic kits one can also distinguish:

  • Economic consumption. You will have enough treatment gel for a long time.
  • Nice texture. The consistency of the products makes the procedures more pleasant for patients.
  • Weighted and balanced composition. A number of cosmetics contribute to a significant improvement in the condition of the skin.
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