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Ceramic milling cutter

Ceramic milling cutter


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Ceramic milling cutter for lathe is designed for the following jobs:

  • removal of hard artificial material: gel, acrylic, etc.
  • removal of calluses, cracks in pedicure with both wet and dry pedicure techniques.

The main advantages of a ceramic milling cutter:

  • smooth operation, dampens vibrations,
  • long lifespan: up to 150 extractions,
  • does not rust, is resistant to chemicals,
  • does not overheat during use,
  • does not become clogged with dust (no need to clean during use),
  • does not wear out in a long time,
  • It can be disinfected in dry heat (respecting sanitary standards).

Ceramic burrs will last a long time and are comfortable to work with.

Packaging: special plastic box, convenient for storage.

The color of the strawberry edge indicates the grain size. Red color - finer cut. Removes thinnest layer of artificial material, acts softly and delicately.

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