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Ceramic milling cutter needle 0.23*1.4 cm

Ceramic milling cutter needle 0.23*1.4 cm


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Ceramic milling cutter for lathe is designed for the following jobs:

  • removal of hard artificial material: gel, acrylic, etc.
  • removal of calluses, cracks in pedicure with both wet and dry pedicure techniques.

The main advantages of a ceramic milling cutter:

  • smooth operation, dampens vibrations,
  • long lifespan: up to 150 extractions,
  • does not rust, is resistant to chemicals,
  • does not overheat during use,
  • does not become clogged with dust (no need to clean during use),
  • does not wear out in a long time,
  • It can be disinfected in dry heat (respecting sanitary standards).

Ceramic burrs will last a long time and are comfortable to work with.

Packaging: special plastic box, convenient for storage.

The color of the strawberry edge indicates the grain size.

Red color - finer cut.

Removes thinnest layer of artificial material, acts softly and delicately. The "Flame" shape is one of the most functional. It allows you to process the edges of the nails with a tip, clean the cuticles with the flat part, remove the cuticles and process the side edges with a thicker part of the cutter. Hold the cutter at a 45° angle when working.

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