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Osmotic film, 300 meters.

Osmotic film, 300 meters.


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PVC osmotic film roll ideal for body treatments of algae, mud or any treatment that requires a sweating process. This type of film is also used in hair treatments and tattoo healing processes.

The transparent osmotic film roll is ideal when used for aesthetic treatments, wrapping the parts of the body where we want to perform the treatment (anti-cellulite treatments, sweating, pimples, wraps, etc.) as desired, such as the trunk, arms and legs to help penetrate the treatment product better into the skin.

The osmotic film is also used in hairdressing treatments by wrapping the head.

Ideal for the care and protection of work. It prevents contamination of the tattoo by external agents, protects from friction with clothing and helps preserve the products or creams applied to heal the tattoo.

Size: 30cm*300m

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