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10W High Frequency Portable Equipment

10W High Frequency Portable Equipment


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Sin IVA incl.

Portable high frequency equipment for easy application, used in facial, hair and podiatry treatments.

Skin disinfection treatments and improves the skin's defense against bacteria.

It has a germicidal and antibacterial effect, due to the formation of ozone.

Limits sebaceous secretions, drying and healing pustural infection. Impurities are released by the dilation of the skin pores.

Improving lymphatic and venous circulation, improves skin texture and balances oil and moisture. This can relieve muscle fatigue and pain when used with massage.


  • 1 large mushroom for large facial areas
  • 1 small mushroom for small facial areas
  • 1 small bulb for specific areas
  • 1 comb


  • Net weight (kg): 0.8
  • Gross weight (kg): 1


  • Working frequency: 650000 GHz
  • Rated voltage: 220V 240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Delivery time 5 - 7 business days!

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