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M-3 Multifunctional Team

M-3 Multifunctional Team


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The Alvi Prague M-3 3-in-1 compact aesthetic multifunction device has an elegant design in black with silver and has an ergonomic control panel with visually outlined settings for each function:

  1. Skin scruber - ultrasonic skin exfoliation . The ultrasound skin cleansing procedure is effective and painless. High-frequency ultrasonic vibrations (up to 28 kHz) act as a scrubbing force that is transmitted to the skin via a vibrating paddle-manipulator handpiece.
  2. BIO - the microcurrent device . The microcurrent device as part of the multifunction aesthetic equipment provides a convenient opportunity for non-invasive lifting and introduction of medications into the deep layers of the skin. Cell stimulation by weak bipolar impulses of 10-700 mkA has a positive effect on the normalization of metabolism, protein and lipid production, blood and lymphatic circulation.
  3. Ultrasound - ultrasonic therapy . Ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 1-3 MHz are a strong stimulant that provides cell regeneration and intensive production of elastin and collagen. As a result, the skin is naturally rejuvenated, firmer and more flexible. The ultrasound therapy procedure is also completely painless and allows you to deal with the following problems:
    1. signs of age and aging
    2. pigment spots (macules)
    3. symptoms of swelling and inflammation
    4. scars, stretch marks, folds, cellulite and fat deposits
    5. blood circulation disorders and lymph reflux

Another important advantage of ultrasound therapy is the ability to open passages in the intercellular membranes for deep penetration into the dermis of special cosmetic and pharmaceutical products (phonophoresis).

The reliability and durability of all systems is provided by high quality materials, factory adaptation of circuit diagrams for standard networks in Spain 220-240V/50-60Hz, with integrated protection against overheating and spikes. tensile.

It is composed of:

  • two handles-holders with removable round and conical electrodes for microcurrent therapy
  • a metal paddle (ultrasonic scrubber)
  • flat and conical manipulator for ultrasonic therapy and phonophoresis on the face and body
  • removable shelf to store all accessories

This model of the multifunction beauty equipment is characterized by its low operating costs due to the low output power of 75 W.

We offer to buy a multifunction beauty equipment M-3 under conditions of a long guarantee and free choice of the optimal form of payment. Post-sales training is also offered and the opportunity to request a free class to gain skills in handling our branded products.

Equipment functions

ultrasonic therapy,

microcurrent therapy

Features of the ultrasonic manipulator-emitter

Frequency of ultrasonic vibrations

from 1 to 3 MHz

Features of the professional ultrasonic spatula

Professional Ultrasonic Spatula Vibration Frequency

27÷28 kHz

Operating modes of the professional ultrasonic spatula

ultrasonic exfoliation,

ultrasonic phonophoresis

Features of microcurrent therapy

Number of operating modes

4 modes

Operating modes of the bio facial lifting machine

reprogramming of mimic muscles,


face, neck and body lifting,

lymphatic drainage



Shape of exposure pulses

triangular bipolar

Frequency of exposure pulses


Network parameters

Power grid parameters

220-240V/50Hz; 100-120V/60Hz

Energy consumption

45V or less


Protection class


Overall dimensions

Equipment dimensions (width*depth*height)


Overall dimensions (gross)


Net weight)


Gross weight)


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