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E-5 Multifunctional Team

E-5 Multifunctional Team


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Multifunction aesthetic equipment is intended for professional use by specialists in cosmetology, dermatology, trichology and physiotherapy.

Multifunctional equipment is indispensable for complex care of the skin of the face and body, as well as in the implementation of individual rejuvenation programs, correction of aesthetic defects, treatment and restoration of the skin.

It is a high-tech platform from which five functions are implemented:

  1. Ultrasonic scrubber creates a focused stream of high intensity ultrasound. Ultrasound waves act on the skin structure mechanically, through sound pressure, and help initiate the cavitation process. Thanks to the triple action, all impurities and excess sebum are eliminated quickly and painlessly. Together with the keratinized particles of the epidermis, they are easily removed with a scrubber spatula.
  2. Ultrasound therapy generates a high-intensity focused ultrasound stream. Easily penetrating biological tissues, ultrasound vibrations have a complex effect on their structures - they massage, stimulate and warm. Thanks to this, all metabolic processes and natural reactions occurring in the tissues are accelerated, and the permeability of the skin also increases, which makes it possible to perform phonophoresis procedures - non-invasive mesotherapy.
  3. Diamond peeling for delicate polishing of the skin surface, the tips of the multi-function beauty equipment are coated with diamond powder. At the time of contact with the skin, they polish it. The stratum corneum particles peeled off in this way are instantly aspirated by vacuum.
  4. Hot-cold therapy is suitable for physiotherapy procedures for thermostimulation of the skin of the face and body. The electrode system is responsible for creating low and high temperatures. Integrated into the T-shaped handpiece (the so-called hot-cold hammer), it cools one of the surfaces to a temperature of +5 ° C and heats the other to +55 ° C. Thanks to this, cryotherapy procedures and thermal stimulation are performed without the use of liquid nitrogen and contact electrodes.
  5. Photon therapy . An artificial light source is integrated into one of the handles of the multifunction aesthetic equipment, capable of creating a luminous flux of a different spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, violet. In this case, the wavelength of light irradiation varies in the range from 462 to 650 nm. To solve a specific problem, the cosmetologist only needs to choose a certain color spectrum, its wavelength and direct the flow of light to the problem area of ​​the face or body.

The choice of these functions is not accidental. In fact, these are scientifically based methods with proven effectiveness. They are perfectly combined with each other, allowing you to solve cosmetological problems comprehensively and with the guarantee of a positive result.

Machine functions

hydrodermabrasion with microdermabrasion,

ultrasonic therapy,

heat therapy,



Microdermabrasion Features

Minimum/maximum vacuum value

1-72 cmHg

Grinding degree

9 diamond nozzles of different diameters and grain sizes

Features of the ultrasonic manipulator-emitter

Frequency of ultrasonic vibrations

from 1 to 3 MHz

Features of the professional ultrasonic spatula

Professional Ultrasonic Spatula Vibration Frequency

27÷28 kHz

Operating modes of the professional ultrasonic spatula

ultrasonic exfoliation,

ultrasonic phonophoresis

Features of hot-cold therapy

Hot-cold manipulator

maximum heating surface temperature: 55 ± 1 °C,

Minimum cooling surface temperature: ≤5°C,

working surface diameter: 5.5mm

Features of phototherapy

Light spectrum

462nm (blue);
490nm (cyan/light blue);
525nm (green);
580nm (yellow);
415nm (violet);
600 nm (orange);
650nm (red).

Operating modes



Network parameters

Power grid parameters

220-240V/50Hz; 100-120V/60Hz

Energy consumption

75V or less


Protection class


Overall dimensions

Machine dimensions (width*depth*height)

295mm *320mm *170mm

Net weight)


Gross weight)


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