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Electroparator T-12

Electroparator T-12


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The modern development of cosmetology allows patients to order instead of painful plastic surgeries or injections the safer and more atraumatic alternative: needle-free mesotherapy. This method of rejuvenation is based on the dosed introduction of drugs in ampoules (elastin, mesocockel, collagen) into the deep layers of the skin through the forced opening of pores and intercellular channels with a weak low-frequency electrical impulse (electroporation ). The procedure does not include punctures, cuts or any other violation of the integrity of the skin.

An easily customizable keypad allows you to adjust the parameters and intensity of the galvanic current to treat the following physiological and aesthetic problems:

  • expression wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and lips
  • skin pigmentation disorders
  • acne manifestations (eels, acne, seborrhea, comedones, post-acne)
  • decreased skin elasticity
  • cellulite and excess fat
  • need to correct the shape, contours or features of the face
  • weak and fallen hair
  • redness or inflammation of the skin due to microcirculation disorders (couperosis)
  • insufficient flow of lymphatic fluid
  • actinic or age-related aging
  • stretch marks, scars.

Technical parameters:

Machine functions




Frequency of current request


Network parameters

Power grid parameters

220-240V/50Hz; 100-120V/60Hz

Energy consumption

45V or less


Protection class


Overall dimensions

Machine casing dimensions


Dimensions after packaging (box)


Net weight)


Gross weight)


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