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Deo-balm feet with farnesol 75 ml

Deo-balm feet with farnesol 75 ml


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The balm with farnesol is developed for feet with greater perspiration. The high content of farnesol in the product allows it to suppress sweat glands with regular use.
Eliminates bad odors. The combination of antimicrobial substances has a local antifungal effect.

Panthenol nourishes the skin and has a protective effect on the skin barrier in altered skin , for example, with atopic dermatitis.

Allantoin increases the hydration of the superficial layers of the skin, and is therefore used to repair the barrier function. Allantoin promotes cell regeneration and has calming and anti-irritant functions.

  • Application: Apply regularly with intensive massaging movements in the morning and evening.
  • Active ingredients: farnesol, aluminum hydrochloride, panthenol, allantoin.
  • Size: 75ml
  • Brand: Baehr
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