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Foam foot cream with clotrimazole and urea, 125 ml

Foam foot cream with clotrimazole and urea, 125 ml


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The foam has a unique effect: it protects the skin from fungal infection (1% clotrimazole), does not overdry it, but softens and moisturizes it (10% urea). Urea also maintains optimal water balance.
With systematic use the skin becomes soft and supple, and itching and peeling disappear. The clotrimazole content in the product has a prophylactic antifungal effect and a caretaker for fungal foot. Using daily with the diabetic foot, the foam contributes to the improvement of local immunity. Its use is also recommended while visiting potentially epidemic mycosis sites.
Application: Apply with massaging movements to the lower leg the size of a walnut.
Active ingredients: clotrimazole (1%), urea (10%), panthenol, hyaluronic acid, glycerin.
Note: Contains no fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Size: 125ml

Brand: Baehr

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