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Tool disinfectant concentrate, 2 l

Tool disinfectant concentrate, 2 l


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Sin IVA incl.

High-level disinfection for manual treatment of surgical instruments.

  • very powerful cleaning,
  • bactericidal including staphylococcus (MRSA) and tuberculosis, yeasticidal (fungi) *
  • Limited virucidal according to RKI: inactivation of viruses, including HIV viruses, HBV (hepatitis B), HCV (hepatitis C), Vaccinia virus, papillomavirus.
  • without smell
  • suitable for ultrasonic baths
  • no aldehydes
  • Tested, certified and VAH listed
  • with a new fresh lemon aroma and a fresh yellow color.

Application areas: Ideal for disinfection, cleaning of instruments and endoscopes. Disinfection of medical instruments*. Suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath. (*Not suitable for reprocessing laryngeal masks)

Activity spectrum/exposure times:

Application recommendation for instrument disinfection:

  • bactericidal, yeasticidal 1% - 60 min, 2% - 30 min, 3% - 15 min,
  • limited virucidal: 1% - 30 min, 2% - 15 min,
  • SV40 /papova/polyoma virus 1.5% - 60 min.

Application: Prepare the working solution in the required concentration with water (max. 40 °C). Prepare the working solution by diluting it with appropriate water according to national guidelines. Ready-to-use solution in case of visible contamination, but change at least every working day.

Disinfectant cleaning by immersion bath method: Immerse instruments (including rotary instruments) in the working solution, if necessary after preliminary cleaning, and clean them mechanically if necessary. After exposure time has elapsed, rinse instruments thoroughly with water and continue processing. Suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath .

Disinfection in the immersion bath process: After cleaning, place the instruments in the ready-to-use solution. All surfaces and cavities must be completely moistened with the solution. After exposure time has elapsed, rinse instruments thoroughly with appropriate water, dry, and continue processing.

Instructions for use:
When cleaning in an ultrasonic bath: Do not exceed the sonication time specified by the manufacturer and temperatures of 40°C. For disinfectant cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, BAEHR Instrument Disinfectant Concentrate was validated at 4% for 5 minutes. Not suitable for the final disinfection of semi-critical and critical medical products.

Material Compatibility:

BAEHR Disinfectant Concentrate is not recommended for use on instruments with the following materials: brass, aluminum, polystyrene (PS), polysulfone (PSU), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). , polycarbonate (PC).

Composition: 100 g of solution contains: 2.5 g of coco-propylenediamine-1,5-bis-guanidinium diacetate, 3.75 g of N,N-didecyl-N-methyl-poly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate

Size: 2L

Brand: Baehr

Note: The solution prepared without use is effective for 14 days. If there is visible contamination, the cleaning and disinfection solution should be changed immediately, or at least every business day.

* yeasticidal* = proven and effective against the fungus Candida albicans.

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