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Pollié blue roll on wax

Pollié blue roll on wax


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Roll on blue-crystalline wax with a fluid texture and strong start. Suitable for all areas, even the most sensitive ones. The roll-on hair removal system is optimal for those professionals looking to achieve the best results. The resins with which waxes are manufactured can be used at higher temperatures than low-melting wax, with the advantage that they are applied using a thinner strip. Thus, the wax cools almost instantly and the sensation of heat on the skin is minimized. The wax is easily removed with the hygienic strips.

Volume: 100ml
How to use:
1. Heat the wax cartridge in the heater.
2. Apply the wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth.
3. Place a hair removal strip over the wax.
4. Remove the band with a quick movement, stretching the skin well.
5. Clean the wax remains with oil, gel or post-wax mousse.

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