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Medium abrasive caps 10 mm, 10 pcs.

Medium abrasive caps 10 mm, 10 pcs.


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Thanks to the latest technology, the Baehr abrasive cap is significantly more effective than comparable instruments.

Result: calluses are removed in much less time and in a more careful way, leaving wonderfully smooth and pleasant skin.


  • Easier and faster treatment. The corundum grain used, available in three fine grains, is clearly more effective than other comparable tools.
  • Smoother application. The abrasive cap requires only light pressure. Work does not cause fatigue. The skin doesn't suffer as much.
  • Non-stick effect. The non-stick effect reduces the annoying unhygienic accumulation of skin residue on the surface of the cap
  • Suitable for Lukas support
  • ECO quality
  • Grain: 150
  • Packing: 10 pcs.
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