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Universal stretcher with drawers

Universal stretcher with drawers


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Multifunctional beauty table with steel base and high-resistance upholstery equipped with 3 bodies, removable armrests and facial cushion-plug. The equipment is perfect for people looking for simple and functional cosmetic furniture. Thanks to the retractable containers installed under the seat, the most important tools and preparations are always at hand.

Gradual adjustment of the angles of the footrest and backrest is ensured by a special mechanism. With the manual lever, you can smoothly adjust the seat position. This allows an optimal configuration that adapts to individual needs, for an adequate and comfortable performance of the treatments and great comfort of use. The chair can be reclined to a sofa position, significantly increasing its functionality. This allows you to freely carry out various types of treatments, including cosmetics, physiotherapy and tattoos.

A solid metal structure in black tones and non-slip feet that prevent uncontrolled movement of the equipment provide the necessary stability during use.

  • removable arms;
  • face hole under headrest cushion;
  • 2 drawers;
  • 1st quality white foam;
  • 3 bodies;
  • adjustable back and legs;
  • load capacity up to 200 kg;
  • color: black;
  • dimensions: 63 x 180 cm;
  • height: 67cm;
  • Weight: 35kg.

Delivery time 7 - 10 business days!

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