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Eyelash treatment stretcher

Eyelash treatment stretcher


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Very practical and comfortable eyelash treatment table for aesthetic treatments. These are the most important characteristics that determine satisfaction from the perspective of the specialist and the clients. Having a table for eyelash extension treatments that is perfectly adapted and meets all expectations is an absolute necessity.
The stretcher has manual adjustment of the footrest, backrest and armrests for the person performing the treatment. Equipped with a comfortable pillow for the client and practical trays to place the necessary accessories.
  • base color: white
  • upholstery color: pink
  • upholstered material: synthetic leather
  • 1st quality white foam
  • 3 bodies
  • adjustable back and legs
  • seat height: 77cm
  • fully extended length: 183 cm
  • removable arms
  • load capacity up to 200 kg
  • Weight: 44 kg.

Delivery time 7 - 10 business days!

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