Botox eyelashes Lami Lashes 3D Filler

Botox eyelashes Lami Lashes 3D Filler


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Botox for natural eyelashes and eyebrows is indicated for increasing the thickness and volume of each hair by 40%. It can be used both as an independent treatment or as an additional stage in lamination treatments, bio perming of eyelashes, eyebrow and eyelash coloring. The treatment is indicated for filling worn-out parts of the hair, recovering the natural structure through hydrolyzed keratin, reduced to NANO dimensions so that the particles can freely penetrate into the finest hairs, as well as for deep hydration of the hair. hair with the help of the natural moisturizer – collagen. The therapeutic and aesthetic effect is reinforced by other active ingredients: marine collagen - marine collagen nourishes, provides elasticity and flexibility.

It serves as a natural barrier against adverse weather factors: the scorching sun, merciless wind and high humidity, chia protects the hair structure from damage and helps it recover 90% of its strength and shine, vitamin C - antioxidant, which favors the strength and quality of healthy hair. Prevents dryness and breakage, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid - hydrolyzed retains moisture inside the eyelash and normalizes the Ph, argan oil - softens the hair, fills it with mineral substances and protects it from UVA rays, hydrolyzed keratin - is a decreased molecule of the natural protein that comprises 96% in the composition of the eyelash. The size of the particle allows it to penetrate the hair structure, fill in the damaged parts and rebuild the eyelash from the inside, panthenol - smoothes the cuticle of the eyelash, so its surface becomes polished and reflects sunlight, eyelash looks shiny even without mascara, tilicine - the extract of linden lumps, fills the eyelash from the inside by 80%, moisturizing and nourishing it, linden oil - penetrates deeply into the roots and strengthens them, gives them shine and strength, vitamin B5 moisturizes and nourishes, vitamin E - very powerful antioxidant, impregnates the follicles with oxygen. It retains moisture within the hair, synthesizes collagen, which gives the hair flexibility, elasticity and lightness, Olivem 300 makes the hair soft and elastic.

The Lami Lashes 3D Filler treatment is suitable for: clients who naturally have weak, worn or fragile eyelashes. Lami Lashes and 3D Filler provide more thickness to each eyelash and from the first session their total volume increases by 40%, clients who suffer from problems with damaged eyelashes due to: the abusive use of eyelash curlers; due to poor perming or inexperienced lamination; due to the extreme dryness of the eyelashes due to adverse weather conditions – wind, intense solar radiation, sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels, clients who want to obtain coloration of maximum luminosity and intensity (the oil of argan in the composition of 3D Filler increases the absorption of the pigment).

Application: Apply as a mascara after tinting, before component No. 3 for laminating Lami Lashes, or it can be applied in any other way just after tinting the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Packaging: 15 ml (90 services)


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