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Rosehip essential oil 15 ml

Rosehip essential oil 15 ml


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Most essential oils are obtained through distillation and cold pressing, in this way it is possible to obtain a liquid that represents the pure essence of the plant and allows us to enjoy all its properties.

It is a great skin regenerator.

It acts superficially as a natural moisturizing factor, improving hydration.

Nourishes and Regenerates, visibly reducing scars and wrinkles.

Corrects and prevents skin problems due to photoaging, through the self-generation of melanin.

To avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, its use is recommended during the last trimester of pregnancy on the abdomen and breasts.

It helps to redistribute pigmentation, allowing spots to be attenuated or eliminated, due to cases of acne, sun spots, etc.

Toning, healing, rejuvenating action and prevents cell oxidation.

  • Volume: 15ml
  • Brand: Tassel
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