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Pure sweet almond oil, 1 l

Pure sweet almond oil, 1 l


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Kefus brand pure sweet almond oil is, due to its excellent property, ideal for natural skin care in highly compatible massages, for aromatherapy and relaxing massages. It can be applied in all types of massage, it is absorbed quickly and produces a high moisturizing, emollient and skin softening effect, improving the hydration and softness of dry and rough skin. It contains a high content of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant for the skin.

Benefits of almond oil:

  • Skin moisturizer. It is one of the most hydrating oils and helps improve its elasticity.
  • Soothing and softening. Soothes and softens skin stretch marks (reduces red stretch marks) and eliminates hard skin.
  • Healing. Regenerates the skin, as almond oil helps reduce small scars.

Packaging: 1L

Brand: Kefus

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