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Electric chair for eyelash treatment

Electric chair for eyelash treatment


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The Ivette chair is comfort and convenience during aesthetic treatments. It has the most important characteristics that determine satisfaction both from the point of view of specialists and customers. It is a must to have such a perfectly matched eyelash extension chair that meets all expectations.

The chair has electric height adjustment, manual adjustment of the footrest and armrest, as well as two foot switches to adjust the backrest and inclination of the chair body. The solutions used make the armchair extremely practical, and the armrest is a very useful solution that is not found in other armchairs. It is also completed with a comfortable pillow for the client.


  • electric, 1 motor
  • remote control
  • adjustment of headrest, footrest, backrest
  • adjustable height
  • Dimensions: 200*70*59-85cm
  • White color

Delivery time: 7 business days!

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